The Global Loyalty & CX Awards is looking for winners

Loyalty & CX Awards
The Global Loyalty & CX Awards established in 2023 by Spectrum350 - an international community of hybrid marketers, understanding that the modern marketing is deeply integrated with IT.

The purpose of the The Global Loyalty & CX Awards is to:
  • Recognise companies who develop and implement innovative solutions and cases to improve customer experience and grow loyalty.
  • Communicate best on market solutions and cases to Spectrum350 members and partners.
  • Establish continuous experience exchange and pooling the competencies among our members.

Project entry criteria for The Global Loyalty & CX Awards'23 competition:

  1. project implementation / product rollout must have gone live and be actively used by the business or organisation between 2 and 18 months before the award submission;
  2. both customers and Implementation partners (or agencies) on behalf of customers may apply;
  3. each nominee may apply in several categories.

The following criteria weighting will guide the jury during judging rounds.

For products each entry is evaluated on:

  • Product Functionality (30%).
  • Competitive advantages (20%).
  • Business benefits (50%): What business benefits have been achieved as a result of the implementation?
For cases each entry is evaluated on:

  • Project Concept (30%): How strong, breakthrough, unique and relevant is the concept?
  • Creativity (20%): How engaging is the entry?
  • Business benefits (50%): What are the quantitative indicators confirming the success of the project.

Each nominee should complete an application form and send it together with the supplemental documentation by email: awards@spectrum350.events, and pay an entry fee.

Final Entry Deadline: December, 24 2023.

The Award Ceremony will be held on January 16, 2024 in Dubai, UAE during the "Loyalty & CX Gulf'24" conference.

More details on: http://loyaltyglobeawards.com